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Monterey Navy Flying Club

1600 Airport Road
Monterey Regional Airport
Monterey, CA 93940
Ph. 831-372-7033


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Take the Tour!

With one of our club members, you (and your friends) can share the cost of a tour of the Monterey Bay area. Take a flight with a pilot in a Piper Warrior (3 seats) to experience the thrill of flight.

Not interested in flight training, but would like to see Big Sur from 2,000 feet? Wondering what is really up there in the mountains around Monterey, but hiking for several days is out of the question? Share the cost of a flight in a Piper Warrior (3 seats) with your friends and see Monterey Bay as you have never seen it before!

Cost Share Example for 1 Hour of Flying

Aircraft Number of Passengers Average Cost Per Seat (including the pilot)

Piper Warrior PA-28-161 3 $24.75

Some Questions and Answers

1. Where do you go?

Where do you want to go? Big Sur? Hearst Castle? An introductory flight? We work with you to go where you want to go.

2. How long should I go?

If this is your first flight in a small plane, we recommend that you go for no more than one hour on your first flight. Why? We want you to enjoy your first flight, so it's best to see if you like it (most people love it!) and then go for a longer flight the next time.

3. How do you determine the cost?

The cost is dependent upon the type of plane that you fly and how long you fly. The hourly rate for the plane is a "wet rate" meaning that it includes fuel, maintenance, insurance, and other costs. Your pilot pays for his club dues, manuals, charts, and in most cases, a share of the cost. Talk to the club manager and the pilot before you go to determine how long you wish to fly (and how much you wish to spend). In many cases, flying an hour with 2 friends will cost you less than $30!

4. Is it safe?

We take great care of our aircraft fleet and our passengers. We will brief you on what to expect. We want you to enjoy your flight so there will be no steep turns, steep climbs or descents, and we will fly straight and level so you can enjoy the view. Feel free to ask for your pilot's logbook and to ask questions; we want you to be informed and assured of your safety!

More questions? Call or email the rideshare opportunity request line!

Pigeon Point

Pacific Ocean from the T-34B

Pictures courtesy of Ryan Pelkola.

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Last modified: January 06, 2019